Ultramax Multi Spray Gun

Product Code: 2698

The Multi Spray Gun Ultramax is the ultimate watering and cleaning gun

Key Benefits Include:

  • Die cast metal body for ultimate strength and durability
  • Lockable on/off trigger with separate flow control
  • Seven spray patterns
  • Universal male hose end connector is compatible with all Hozelock fittings
  • 2698-1
  • 2698-1

Hozelock continues to develop the range of premium watering products to meet the increasing expectations of modern gardeners who demand improved quality and product specification.

The new Hozelock Multi Spray Ultramax is among the most durable and robust watering accessories in the world.

The solid zinc alloy body is designed to withstand the most rugged of environments and are guaranteed for 5 years.



The ultimate watering and cleaning gun

Soft Touch Trigger:

Fitting neatly in the hand, the gun is extremely comfortable to use thanks to the soft touch trigger.



There are seven spray patterns :

  1. Cone spray for delicate watering
  2. Powerful Jet for cleaning
  3. Fast fill for filling up buckets and watering cans
  4. High definition metal rose for gentle watering
  5. Fan spray for rinsing soap off cars
  6. Fine Mist for seedlings
  7. Aerated


Lockable trigger:

If watering for a prolonged time the trigger can be locked in position to reduce any strain on the hand.

Flow control:

The rear flow control with variable flow from 50% to 100% gives the user complete control over the water spray




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